I haven’t posted in a good year.  Tumblr people -> Hello!
In some of my down time, I’ve been reading books and magazines about interior design.  I am living in a new city and I can’t decorate my own place yet, so I like to dream.

These photo are from Frey House II in Palm Springs. 

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Beyond excited for the 20th anniversary film from Matchstick ProductionsSuperheroes of Stoke

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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the tragic death of nine-year-old Rachel Beckwith. One month before she died, she created a Charity Water goal to provide 15 people with clean drinking water. She fell short, and was tragically killed in a car accident. Little by little, people heard about her wish, and the monetary donations grew to over one million dollars. Today, the wells founded in her honor are going to help over 60,000 people in Ethiopia.

What an impacting legacy.

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A Brief History of Title Design (via Thrash Lab)

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This is awesome.  I love marketing that makes me smile. 

Discovered via Drake Cooper.  

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peaceincongo: be a whistleblower for peace.

I’m wearing my whistle today! 

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We all like a little pop music every now and again…

"Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots! 

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Boise, ID via maddieonthings

I met Maddie yesterday and she’s the best! So sweet, so well-behaved! Check out what her owner, Theron, is doing with his year: www.ThisWildIdea.com.

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You can thank my brother for sending me this one…. 

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This is unbelievable… 

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Kristin Armstrong crashed in the Exergy Tour Prologue this evening in downtown Boise, Idaho. According to Jim Johnston, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon of St. Luke’s Sports Medicine. Kristin has a mid-shaft clavicle fracture. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning where the injury will be stabilized with clavicle pins. Swift recovery is expected.

Kristin is expected back on her trainer within a few days to continue her pursuit of Olympic Gold.

Teammate Tayler Wiles commented, “We are all absolutely heartbroken for Kristin, but we are ready to rally and do this for her and her hometown. “

Exergy TWENTY12 will begin stage 1 of the Exergy Tour tomorrow without Armstrong, but she will be following her teammates closely on Tour Tracker.

“Our team shall ride the wind with purpose these next few days” commented James Carkulis CEO of Exergy Development Group, “Our athletes can stand on their own, their leader has taught them well, they know the courses and the competition.”

Thank you for the incredible outreach this evening, we will keep you updated as information comes my way.

Nicola Cranmer, General Manager Exergy TWENTY12

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Boise Olympian, Kristin Armstrong, crosses the finish w/ a broken collarbone at tonight’s leg of the Exergy Tour. Armstrong took a fall during her race, but still finished less than :10 from the leader. Local reports say that she will undergo surgery tomorrow.  

Keep Kristin in your prayers! She won gold at the last Olympics, and it’s a few short months until the London Olympics. 


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Great spot created by BBDO! Additional production information posted here by Ad Week.

So glad to hear that my favorite shipping company is working towards sustainable solutions! I love the basis of this campaign. 

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A Brief History of John Baldessari.

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